Your fashion muse! (venetiella) wrote,
Your fashion muse!

Boho Loving!

Enjoy your weekend babes!

Nora's Boho Long Skirt - SOLD!

The Bohemian look is all the rage now!
And the perfect accessory to complete your boho look is the Braided Headband!

From the runway... Hollywood!

                                Mary-Kate Olsen                                                              Mischa Barton

Sienna Miller

There are so many ways to wear it! It's that versatile! :)

So we brought in our very own Braided Headbands specially imported from overseas!
5 colours to choose from:

Design A - 2 left!
Design B - ALL SOLD!
Design C - 1 left!
Design D - 1 left!
Design E - Pending

This is how it looks like when worn:

Its yours for only $6.50 mailed!

Only a couple of pieces per colour combination, so do hurry!
Do indicate in your order the colour combination you want :)

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